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Speakers Australia and its principal Peter Physick have provided the most convenient and professional service we have encountered.

In over 25 years of our Institute providing members with current, thought provoking and topical issue speakers for our conferences and forums, we have come to rely on the outstanding judgement of Peter and Speakers Australia.

Whether it be entertainers for a broad audience or the most challenging conference topic, Speakers Australia has never failed to deliver. We at the AMInstitute are faced with the dilemma of providing our delegates at conferences with new and exciting presenters year after year and as many of our delegates attend each year, we need presenters and entertainers with new and fresh material.

This challenge has been made obsolete by Speakers Australia as they have taken the time to know our business, our target audience and our history………

Sonya Maloney
Executive Manager Administration
AMInstitute Ltd

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We at the East Coast Eagles AFL Football Club take great pride in entertaining, rewarding and acknowledging our sponsors, members and supporters. Our luncheons are renowned for their quality, in particular that of the speakers and entertainers we secure.

Speakers Australia is the only company we turn to for advice and service in this key field.
Anthony Dignan
General Manager

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The service we received from Speakers Australia has been exemplary from the beginning. Peter Physick and his team worked very hard to ensure that Keith Scott was available to MC our event under what could be described as challenging logistical circumstances given the time constraints we were faced with.

We would highly recommend Peter and his company Speakers Australia.
David Carter / AgriPlex Group Pty Ltd

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Peter Physick at Speakers Australia since the year 2000 and have never been let down by his recommendations. I tell Peter the type of speaker or act that we require and he supplies a number of names and CV's of the speakers or acts which fit our requirements. It is as simple as that.

Peter’s professional attitude and friendly manner makes it an absolute pleasure to deal with him. I can not recommend him highly enough to any one or to an organisation which needs help in arranging, organising or advising on the best fit for their special event.

David Tuxford
Conference Organiser
NSW Local Government Professionals

Presenter Profile
Michael Groom
Topics:   Leadership, Motivation, Inspiration, After Dinner, Overcoming Adversity, Achievement, Goal Setting, Challenge, Dreams, Attitude, Adventure, Performance
Travels ex:   Brisbane
Based:   Queensland
Type:   Speaker
Style:   Brilliant, Motivating, Powerful, Engaging, Compelling, Memorable, Thought Provoking, Inspirational, Moving, Clean, Captivating, Unique
Fee range:   Less than $5,000 + GST
Video:   View video

Client List
"No pain ... No gain."

Michael Groom grew up in the wild Australian mountains, in a family of mountain climbers. During his very first abseil, at the tender age of 10, his dad talked him over the edge of a 100 metre cliff. Somehow, he got to the bottom, but had experienced a life threatening fear that he would carry with him for the rest of his life. The fear that Michael will tell you has saved him many times, when others have died. In the Himalayas, fear and respect are comfortable bedfellows. The big mountains demand your respect, and respect your fear.

In 1987, descending from the summit of Kangchenjunga, his first big five mountain, he suffered crippling frostbite and later had the front of both feet amputated. He was advised to get a desk job, and that his climbing days were definitely over. He succumbed to the incessant pain and sought refuge in painkillers. He became addicted. For two years Michael withdrew from the world and became yet another 'victim' of the wrath of the big mountains. 

Sitting alone in his little workers cottage, completely lost and numbed by pain killers and daytime TV, he never felt further from his dream - to climb Mt Everest. But Michael is not a quitter, and after enough time feeling sorry for himself and believing others about his condition, he decided that he would fulfil that dream. Slowly, ever so slowly, he trained himself to walk again. Then to run. A year later he was cycling and ready to start climbing again. First, small rock cliffs in his hometown of Brisbane, Australia, then back to where he belonged, in the big Himalayan Mountains.

He climbed Cho Oyu in 1990. In autumn 1991, an avalanche swept him 900 metres down the Lhotse face of Everest and once again, miraculously, he survived. In 1993, Michael returned to the Himalayas in peak fitness and climbed Everest, then in 1994, K2. In 1995, the unknown Brisbane plumber climbed Lhotse, becoming only the fourth person in the world to climb the world's four highest mountains. More men had walked on the moon.

In 1996 Michael was one of the few famous big mountain climbers to survive yet another Mt Everest 'disaster'. Of the six climbers from his team who reached the summit, only he and American Jon Krakauer, author of 'Into Thin Air', survived. On the descent, in cruel and violent conditions, he stumbled across another American, Beck Weathers, who was now totally blind. Placing his own life in extreme danger, Michael tethered Beck to his harness and guided and lowered him down some of the most dangerous sections of the mountain. The storm killed half the team. Beck survived, but with crippling injuries to his hands and face. Michael returned home, shattered and disillusioned. It would be three years before the big mountains lured him back, and he at last summited the last of the big five, Makalu, in 1999. He was 40 years old.

Michael still lives in Brisbane, with his wife Judi and son Harry. He is one of Australia’s most sought after keynote speakers. He has spoken to soldiers going off to war, athletes struggling to come back from serious injury, professional people keen to get a little closer to the truth of 'no pain, no gain', and ordinary folk who just love to sit and listen to one of Australia’s most amazing human endeavour stories. Michael Groom’s autobiography 'Sheer Will' is a can't-put-down read, his personal presentation, accompanied with impossibly beautiful visuals, is to see the earth in its purest and rawest form - the way the earth was meant to be.  


“I previously heard Michael speak at the Awards Dinner for the Management Excellence Awards conducted by the Australian Institute of Management on the Sunshine Coast last year. His presentation on that occasion was so outstanding and inspirational that when I was tasked to consider potential keynote speakers for Hayes Knight National Conference I immediately thought of Michael.

This is not a decision I regret, as once again he drew the audience into the world of extreme mountaineering, leaving them in awe of his achievements, persistence and drive. He tells his amazing tale in such a down to earth and humble way that those listening are left to wonder at the seemingly insurmountable challenges he has overcome. He is clearly a man who has found true contentment through achieving the long-term goals he had set himself, and is now comfortable to step back from the edge to enjoy the simpler pleasures of life.

I would have no hesitation in using Michael’s services again and would commend him to anyone who wants a speaker to inspire and motivate their audience, by taking them on a journey most of us will only dream about.’’
Mr Geoff Butler … Hayes Knight Chartered Accountants

"Fantastic presentation. Great use of photography, with one hell of a story to tell."
Clark Perry … Sports Psychologist
Australian Academy of Sport, Canberra

"Michael was fantastic. He stayed back to talk to the guests and was an absolute delight to deal with."
Ms Donna Parkin…. Save the Children Function
Parkroyal Brisbane

"Michael's talk was received with an overwhelming response - you could have heard a pin drop in the room! Many approached Michael during a small break after his speech, which was terrific. Michael also made time for all - a truly great Australian."
Ms Leanne Bailey
Westpac Investment & Insurance

"Michael's down to earth style and delivery had the entire audience enthralled throughout his presentation. His story of high adventure, high drama and endurance is inspirational to us all."
Mr Justin Burt
Business Incentives and Conferences

“I have used Michael Groom previously so I knew exactly what to expect. As in the previous case he was fantastic! He is a wonderful speaker who humbly tells his powerful story touching everyone in the room. He was the highlight of the conference. In our internal evaluation process 78% rated him excellent 16% rated him very good. This result far out shone all other aspects of the conference”. “I am now in the unenviable position of having to come up with an equally powerful speaker for our next conference. How do you top Michael Groom?”
Ms Sophie Djura / Carlson Hotels Asia Pacific

Michael was an exceptional speaker and presenter - his presentation was excellent - all clients were in 'awe' last night and said what an inspiring man!
Ms Jill Murtagh / BDS Accountants

“We have had many complimentary letters about the quality of your speech at the Horwath Motor Dealer Dinner. Many people were not only moved by your address but felt even though they are facing tough times in the motor industry they had to help themselves as you so ably demonstrated. You are certainly a great role model for all Australians and I hope as many as possible are able to experience your address over the next few years.’’
Bruce Hatcher / Horwath & Horwath Chartered Accountants  

"Michael is truly inspiring".
Ms Caroline Barnes
Australian Macadamia Society

"Michael was inspiring and extremely motivating. An incredible story that would stimulate ALL. An amazing way to kick start our conference."
Ms Narita Collins
Foodland Supermarkets

"Without any disagreement, delegates were inspired by Michael's message and totally captivated throughout his presentation."
Joanne Terrans
Sports Coach 2000 Conference

Great story, wonderfully delivered.’’        
Steven Morris Eventful Management

“We were deeply moved by your courage and determination to achieve your goals. At the same time we were amused and awed by the joys, challenges, and at times sadness that surrounded your climbs. For me there were parallels with the difficulties faced by our patients when first diagnosed with cancer, or told the disease has recurred.’’ 
Dr David Thomas  QLD Radium Institute

“It truly was a great evening and your presence was most certainly the highlight. The feedback has been outstanding and I would be most grateful if you could speak again at one of our Lumley functions.’’  
Ian Ireland  QLD State Manager / Lumley General Insurance  

“As was the case last time your session blew us away. It certainly showed us what was possible with desire, a plan of action, calculated risk and the support of a team. Inspirational. Many thanks for being so obliging at the end of your session.’’
Steve Watts - Westpac

“Your presentation was outstanding”!
Our team was overwhelmed by your personal achievements and have suddenly gained the desire to become mountaineers instead of being retailers. All jokes aside your presentation was just sensational.’’
Brian FieldingManaging Director / Crazy Clark’s

“Your story and its underlying messages were told without fanfare and with great humility. It was an inspiring tale and judging by the positive response it resonated with a lot of people in the company.’’
Lynne Hughes 
Conference Chairman / APP Corporation

“The feedback from your presentation has been outstanding and proved to be one of the highlights of the conference. Your talk was inspirational to many and everyone enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to speak with you later.’’
John Schryver Managing Director / Toys “R’’ Us 

“The response to your address the other night was overwhelming. Students, parents and staff are still talking about it.’’
Carol Affleck Teacher / Southport State High School 

“Last night was the experience of a lifetime for me – to hear Michael speak intimately and view the video and slides was, in a word, awesome.’’
Val Peters Treasury Controller / James Hardie 

“The most moving and thought provoking session that I have attended. An excellent session to cap a great conference. Unbelievable. Very professional presenter who left one with a challenge.  Brilliant way to wrap up congress. The intensity of his message was an inspiring conclusion to the conference.’’
David Jeffries Deputy CEO / Bank of Queensland  

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