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Speakers Australia and its principal Peter Physick have provided the most convenient and professional service we have encountered.

In over 25 years of our Institute providing members with current, thought provoking and topical issue speakers for our conferences and forums, we have come to rely on the outstanding judgement of Peter and Speakers Australia.

Whether it be entertainers for a broad audience or the most challenging conference topic, Speakers Australia has never failed to deliver. We at the AMInstitute are faced with the dilemma of providing our delegates at conferences with new and exciting presenters year after year and as many of our delegates attend each year, we need presenters and entertainers with new and fresh material.

This challenge has been made obsolete by Speakers Australia as they have taken the time to know our business, our target audience and our history………

Sonya Maloney
Executive Manager Administration
AMInstitute Ltd

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We at the East Coast Eagles AFL Football Club take great pride in entertaining, rewarding and acknowledging our sponsors, members and supporters. Our luncheons are renowned for their quality, in particular that of the speakers and entertainers we secure.

Speakers Australia is the only company we turn to for advice and service in this key field.
Anthony Dignan
General Manager

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The service we received from Speakers Australia has been exemplary from the beginning. Peter Physick and his team worked very hard to ensure that Keith Scott was available to MC our event under what could be described as challenging logistical circumstances given the time constraints we were faced with.

We would highly recommend Peter and his company Speakers Australia.
David Carter / AgriPlex Group Pty Ltd

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Peter Physick at Speakers Australia since the year 2000 and have never been let down by his recommendations. I tell Peter the type of speaker or act that we require and he supplies a number of names and CV's of the speakers or acts which fit our requirements. It is as simple as that.

Peter’s professional attitude and friendly manner makes it an absolute pleasure to deal with him. I can not recommend him highly enough to any one or to an organisation which needs help in arranging, organising or advising on the best fit for their special event.

David Tuxford
Conference Organiser
NSW Local Government Professionals

Presenter Profile
Janine Shepherd
Topics:   Motivation, Team, Inspiration, Sport, Self Esteem, Olympics, After Dinner, Achievement, Goal Setting, Challenge, Peak Performance, Courage, Success
Travels ex:   NSW
Based:   Bowral, NSW
Type:   Speaker
Style:   Humourous, Believeable, Motivating, Engaging, Down-To-Earth, Inspirational, Uplifting, Moving, Clean, Empowering, Captivating
Fee range:   $5,000 to $8,000 + GST

An incredibly moving and inspirational lady ... 

Janine Shepherd’s story reads like the plot of a Hollywood movie. A champion cross country skier in training for the Winter Olympics, her life was irrevocably altered when she was run over by a truck during a training bicycle ride to the Blue Mountains. Her neck and back were broken in four places, and her right arm, collarbone and five ribs fractured. Her right leg had been ripped open; she had sustained head injuries and massive internal injuries. She had severe lacerations to her abdominal area and had lost five litres of blood. The bleeding alone was enough to kill her. Doctors warned her parents that she was not expected to survive her ordeal. Even if by some small chance she recovered, she would never walk again.

When she speaks, Janine takes us on an amazing journey. A journey on a road with so many twists and turns, so many deep valleys and steep hills that it mirrors the road we travel in own lives every single day. This is a story that takes us from the pinnacle of elite athletics competition to the pain and fear of being wheelchair bound and facing the shattering reality of life threatening and permanent injury. From the exhilaration of flight to the struggle of taking one difficult step at a time on a long road to recovery which continues to this day.

As a motivational speaker, Janine has a very special point of difference. She inspires others through the very fact that everyone can relate to at least one aspect of her story. All those who listen to her speak can find a truth in Janine’s experience that relates to their own lives, their own struggle, and their own pain. They do not go home from her talks and think “yes that’s all very well, but I couldn’t possibly do that...”   

Too often something that is meant to inspire and motivate leaves us feeling that little bit inadequate; there is initial buzz, then reality envelops us and we go on, unchanged. Janine leaves her audience not only awed, humbled, and uplifted, but causes them to think deeply about the way they live their own lives. Her listeners leave with a light heart and a conviction that they are able to change their attitude, find the power within and perform to the best of their abilities.

Janine says; “I feel so fortunate and privileged to hear from people who have heard me speak.  I have many letters from participants telling me how they have come away from the talk, thought deeply, and actually transformed aspects of how they live. People have made changes to their jobs, travelled, studied, learned to fly, or simply decided to behave differently in their significant relationships with those around them…

That makes me so happy, so proud. It’s the reason I speak and write. I know that every single person has the strength and the spirit within to do what I have done - I truly believe that.”
 From the classroom to the kitchen to the boardroom, there is something for everyone in Janine’s message of hope. She believes such boundaries are in fact artificial; that all is one – what we incorporate into our personal life when we transform dreams into reality cannot help but influence our work, our relationships and our reality.

This is why Janine has a reputation not only as a successful motivational speaker, but as an author with a devoted following. Janine is real. She is funny, interesting and inspirational. She laughs at herself, she helps us see the humour and beauty of every situation, even the hardest, most painful, and difficult we have to face. She teaches us to love the hills, for they are how we learn to fly. 

Why not allow Janine to bring her books to life and invite her to your next conference or event as your keynote speaker.


Janine had the whole room enthralled - her story is undeniably epic, and her delivery is animated and engaging.  While not a business speaker, she clearly had a message to give which was relevant to all of us in both our personal and working lives:  Go ahead and do what you want to do -  never let anyone tell you never, never let the odds dissuade you from trying, and learn to love the challenge. There were tears and laughter, and we loved every minute.  I will definitely be reading her books!
Pricewaterhouse Coopers  

“Stunning - Janine had 700 of us in love with her - She knocked us for six”.
FIDI International

“Excellent...Janine’s presentation was an inspiration to all who attended.”
CSR Readymix

“Excellent...Rated 8.9 and our highest rated presenter. Inspirational and genuine.”
Institute of Municipal Management

“Excellent...Janine captivated her audience with the horror of her experience and the triumph of her spirit.”
Dexion Pty Ltd

“Excellent. She was outstanding and inspirational. Best speaker for helping our team believe anything is possible.”

“Excellent. An extremely motivational and inspirational person who captivated a very diverse audience. A very relaxed & humorous style helped present a story of courage, determination and a never tell me never’ attitude.”
Elders Ltd

“Excellent. She had them laughing, crying and thinking about their lives. She was the best motivational speaker we’ve ever had.”
Dick Smith Electronics

“Excellent. Janine was a fabulous presenter and one of the best we have used for our conferences. She was certainly inspirational and motivational.”
Le Reve Pty Ltd

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